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Coffee Bar Setup

we help setup your dream coffee bar, be it your new home where you wish to have a dedicated space or want to design in your existing space, we have you covered.

  • Coffee Bar Layout
  • Espresso Setup
  • Grinder setup
  • Manual Brew Bar Setup
  • Budgeting
  • Customized Coffee’s
  • Accessories
  • Machine maintenance and upkeep

Barista Training

The art of coffee making right from pulling an espresso shot to texturing the milk for your creamy cappuccino’s to making a perfect latte art training is essential.

  • Latte art training
  • Milk Texturing
  • Pouring
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Espresso Training
  • Manual Brew Training

Café Related 

Wholesale Coffee Beans-

We custom roast and profile coffee beans to order for all our clients be it single origin coffee or blends as per client requirement.

  • Single Origin Coffee
  • Customized Roasting
  • Custom Blending
  • 80+ Specialty Grade coffee
  • Ethically sourced, directly from farmers
  • Fair Trade


Analyzing the opportunities and market position for all sorts of coffee related products and providing blends and roasts basis Menu, Target Audience and market response. Assisting in the setup of the beverage menu as well as the recipes and barista training on the A-Z’s of Coffee, presentation and serving.

  • Menu Planning Hot + Cold
  • Site Selection
  • Glassware selection
  • Espresso Training
  • Manual Brew Training
  • Bar Layout and planning
  • Recipes for hot and cold menu
  • Recipe costing
  • Menu Pricing and competition analysis
  • Customized Coffee selection

Barista Training

Hands on training for anyone & everyone who wants to master the art of brewing and the perfect bean to cup experience. Extensive coffee training programme for newly opened cafe staff, coffee aficionados, coffee enthusiasts and home brewers.

From perfecting the art of pulling the perfect espresso shot to all kinds of latte art we make sure all aspects are covered and perfected.

  • Espresso Based Training
  • Barista grooming
  • Latte Art Training
  • Milk Texturing
  • Pouring technique
  • Manual Brew Training
  • Learning different types of coffee processing

Equipment sourcing and planning

machines are pivotal in brewing a good cuppa, and one must plan the equipment based on requirements, space amongst other factors. We help you select from a wide range of coffee machines, grinders, accessories to brew a better cup.

  • Machine selection
  • Grinder Selection
  • Blenders and other equipment’s
  • Accessories
  • Machine maintenance and upkeep