With Rossette the idea is to grow together with our clients. We supply roasted coffee to coffee shops, restaurants, offices and hotels across India. Rossette Coffee Lab is a Specialty Coffee Roastery based in Delhi with the vision to progress the way we roast and be a part of defining the modern coffee roastery. We are aiming to be one of the best in the world. Sourcing, roasting and then shipping out freshly roasted specialty grade coffee. Carefully sourced from some of the finest coffee estates India has to offer, roasted to perfection. Don't hesitate to get your free coffee samples for your business using the form below.

Coffee for Cafes


As a café owner, sourcing coffee from Rossette Coffee Lab ensures you receive consistently fresh, high-quality beans, which are roasted to order in small batches on a German Probat roaster. We offer specialised café blends/single origin’s for espresso/manual brews, and provide comprehensive support, including recipes and training. Rossette offers it’s range of coffees for cafes starting at a MOQ of 10kgs per order for espresso and 1 kg for rarities / cold brew coffees.

Coffee for Horeca / Offices


Rossette Coffee Lab offers specialised blends designed specifically for hotels, convention centres, office environments etc, ensuring optimal performance in automatic coffee machines. Our expert-crafted selections guarantee a superior coffee experience that elevates your establishment's offerings. Partnering with us means not only providing excellent coffee but also enhancing customer and employee satisfaction. Choose Rossette Coffee Lab to transform your coffee service into a premium, unforgettable experience. Additional if you are new to this we could come and Setup your coffee bar.

Cafe Consultation


Looking to open a cafe / restaurant and don’t know much about coffee, we at Rossette provide comprehensive cafe consultation services to optimise your cafe operations. We offer barista training, assist with recipes, bar layout, menu development, pricing strategies, and market analysis. Our expertise extends to setting up your espresso bar, manual brew bar, and crafting a unique beverage menu. Whether you're opening a new cafe or improving an existing one, Rossette is here to ensure your success in the coffee industry.

Barista Training


If you want to become a professional barista or simply learn more about coffee, let Rossette help you out. We offer barista training courses for both beginners and advanced learners. You'll master the art of brewing a perfect espresso, steaming silky smooth milk for latte art, honing your manual brewing skills, and learning about cafe beverages and operations. Our courses range from one-day to four-day sessions, depending on your needs. Join us at Rossette to elevate your coffee-making expertise!

Custom Blends & White Labelling


Rossette Coffee Lab offers contract roasting and white labeling services, perfect for those looking to create their own coffee brand from a cold brew brand to a full fledged operations .Our team has expertise in roasting and sourcing speciality coffees, we assist you in crafting a unique blend tailored to your preferences. Partner with us to bring your coffee vision to life, ensuring exceptional quality and distinctive flavor in every cup. Let us help you stand out in the coffee market.

Corporate Gifting

Rossette Coffee Lab specialises in corporate gifting, ranging from corporate companies to hotels, amongst others seeking premium coffee gifting options. Our services include crafting custom blends, convenient easy-pour bags, refreshing cold brew options, and an array of other products tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking to impress clients, reward employees, or enhance guest experiences, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide exquisite coffee selections perfect for wedding gifting, ensuring memorable moments for your special day.

Catering & Events


Rossette Coffee Lab offers a delightful catering option, bringing our signature coffee experience to your wedding, special event, or corporate gathering anywhere across India. Elevate your occasion with our expertly crafted brews, ensuring your guests savor every sip. Additionally, we provide interactive educational workshops tailored for both corporate teams and institutions, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the art and science behind coffee. Let Rossette Coffee Lab be the highlight of your next memorable event.